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Three New Shows on RadIQ

Three new shows are debuting this week on RadIQ: Adventure Playground, V for Ventouza and Fur Enough.

The first, Adventure Playground, is a show full of Alternative tunes, ranging from electro to new wave and ska to punk.

You can listen to it every Thursday on 17.00* for two hours. It is compiled by Man Machine.


The second, V for Ventouza is a blend of Alternative sounds of the present, classic rock, electro - EBM, post rock and many more for you to discover.

It is aired every Tuesday on 17.00* for two hours full of surprises.

The producer of the show is Exile Boy.


Last but not least, Fur Enough. A mix ranging from trip hop and electronica to alternative compiled by RadIQ's female producer, Hell-ena! You can catch up with Fur Enough every Monday and Wednesday from 20.00 to 22.00*


A warm welcome to all three new producers and lots of wishes for their shows!


* All times are Eastern European Times : GMT+2