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RadIQ is streaming music in high quality - low bitrate streams with the help of the aacPlus v2 codec.

Just 48kbits/sec of RadIQ data provide a near CD quality sound you can enjoy even with a dialup connection!

It is also 3G Data friendly (less data - more quality)

Broadcasting is being done by 1 server at the moment. When needed, a second server is launched to serve more listeners (it is announced on the web page).




The server, located in Greece, has enough capacity to serve a large number of listeners and is also proxy/firewall friendly!


Click HERE to listen with Winamp, iTunes or iPhone/iPad/iPod, mobiles or other tablets.


Click HERE to listen with Windows Media Player.

Mac users can also listen to RadIQ by downloading Fstream, Linux users can use VLC.


If you experience connection or other technical problems, contact us by e-mail or facebook or shoutbox!


The RadIQ team