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Goth Goth Loli Loli

Gothic - Gothic Metal - Post Rock compiled by preJa


Latest Playlist (Sunday, 25th of December 2016)

21:00:44death in june - punishment initiation
21:04:08dismal euphony - magma
21:09:33peter murphy - cuts you up
21:14:26zeromancer - cupola
21:20:16current 93 - niemandswasser
21:26:20dreadful shadows - ties of time
21:31:37rhea's obsession - delusion
21:35:48danse society - the night
21:42:09tones on tail - christian says
21:45:48this mortal coil - strength of strings
21:50:29the southern death cult - fatman
21:54:11hangedup - fuck this place
21:58:12mortiis - parasite god
22:00:18satyrian - dark gift
22:04:48katatonia - evidence
22:09:20rome - der brandtaucher
22:13:34evereve - someday
22:17:25all about eve - dream now
22:20:29autumn - gallery of reality
22:26:32stream of passion - deceiver
22:31:37nfd - light my way
22:35:06xmal deutschland - tag fur tag
22:39:53artrosis - a ja
22:44:09todesbonden - ghost of the crescent moon
22:50:59atrocity - cold black days
22:54:48current 93 - red hawthorn tree
22:59:17sentenced - nepenthe